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Upgrading with an LED Lighting Retrofit from DRUCKER LIGHTING in your home, office or commercial facility is the fastest way to a cleaner look and a lower energy bill!   

If you have any of the following types of properties, a DRUCKER LED Retrofit will save you money immediately:
  • Warehouse or Storage Facility

  • Parking garage or parking lot

  • Commercial buildings like hotels, schools, offices, hospitals, etc.

  • Apartment buildings and condos

  • Your home

Plus, financing is available on approved credit.  

Where can a DRUCKER LIGHTING LED Retrofit help you?  

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Switching out your older incandescent and fluorescent lighting with new energy efficient LED lighting has never been easier.  DRUCKER LIGHTING provides direct replacement LED fixtures and devices for a virtually seamless lighting upgrade.

Contact us today so we can talk about how to help you: 

  • Understand what LED Lighting upgrades are and how it can help you and your business. 

  • How quick and easy it is for us to help you. 

  • How much money you're estimated to save and how it pays for itself. 

  • Eligibility for city and state rebate programs and incentives. 

Go from this old, ugly lighting...
To this Cool, Clean & Efficient LED Lighting!
***Here's a quick example of how much you can save in a typical commercial facility:

If you're in the City of LA paying about $0.18 per Kwh* with a building operating approximately 1,200 fluorescent 40W tubes, you're spending about $22,000.00 a year if that facility operates only seven hours a day, seven days a week!  

But when you call DRUCKER for an LED Retrofit, all those tubes will be directly replaced and will immediately begin to save you money, year after year with virtually no maintenance.

In fact, this common sample scenario brings your yearly power bill down to about $6,600.00.  That's a 70% difference, and that's a big deal! 

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