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Large format automotive photobooth lighting system delivering studio quality images for online inventory.

Boost your sales by benefiting from those who have designed the SpaceBox ULTRA to be a streamlined and cost-effective lighting system for your automotive dealership photobooth. 

Advertise your inventory like no other in today's digital ecosystem by creating an impression that will have a lasting impact on your audience.

The SpaceBox ULTRA converts clicks to sales!


The SpaceBox ULTRA produces an astoundingly beautiful soft light effect that thrives in environments like:

·         Still Photo Capture / Auto Photo Booths

·         Video / Virtual Reality / Holographic

·         Vehicle Showrooms / Dealerships

·         Private Garages

·         Tradeshow Presentations

The SpaceBox ULTRA utilizes motion picture grade LED components which are both environmentally sustainable and superior in color balance. 


Low power consumption means no need to modify the electrical capacity of your facility. 


And, available DMX or Manual control makes it easy to set dimming or color levels. 


Side Black Mercedes-Benz with turntable SpaceBoxULTRA
Side Black Mercedes-Benz with turntable SpaceBoxULTRA

Front Black Audi for SpaceBox ULTRA
Front Black Audi for SpaceBox ULTRA

Back White Audi for SpaceBox ULTRA
Back White Audi for SpaceBox ULTRA

Side Black Mercedes-Benz with turntable SpaceBoxULTRA
Side Black Mercedes-Benz with turntable SpaceBoxULTRA


Be prepared for the next generation of consumer purchasing habits and expectations.

The SpaceBox ULTRA is the ideal solution for HD Video, Virtual Reality or Smart Holographic capture in addition to standard Still Imaging in your automotive photobooth.


The large format can always be custom measured and designed to meet the needs of your application whether smaller or larger. 

Automotive Dealership Photobooth Lighting System SpaceBox ULTRA

Incorporating the SpaceBox ULTRA System into your project is easy.  Our friendly and experienced team guides you every step of the way from introduction & presentation to custom designing, project management, scheduling and installation.

Plus, we have the resources to help round out your total project.  Our team's combined decades of experience and relationships are a tremendous resource when you need large format turntables, or overall project management.

You're never alone with SpaceBox Lighting Systems thanks to our capability to manage and deliver for local or national build campaigns.


Designed and manufactured in the USA by SpaceBox Lighting Systems, Inc.


Our goal is to make sure you understand what the SpaceBox ULTRA will do for you and to make the process of our integration into your project as seamless as possible.  

If you have one location, or one hundred, we're capable.

Let the SpaceBox ULTRA team boost your sales through giving your brand the ability to advertise your inventory like no other in today's digital ecosystem.

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