The SpaceBox™ is THE NEW LED spacelight, designed around the nonstop needs of today’s production dynamics.


It's a simple, economical and efficient idea that brings a fresh perspective to a classic studio lighting solution.  The SpaceBox is a dimmable, two-channel, LED tube based, overhead space light fixture that can be operated in bi-color or single color modes. 


Surprisingly bright with low power consumption along with the unique rectangular skirt format makes the SpaceBox an astoundingly efficient overhead fixture for today’s small to medium, budget conscious facilities. 


Proudly driven by Quasar Science LED tube technology, the SpaceBox delivers reliable and consistent CRI ratings of 95+ and flicker free operation.  The LED tubes are dimmable via most existing DMX dimming systems available today and can be controlled via Wireless DMX devices as well. 


Gaffers, lighting designers, line producers and unit production managers alike will appreciate the “lumens per dollar” ratio compared to traditional tungsten space lights or older fluorescent systems.  Combine that with the reduced labor and cable & electrical requirements of the SpaceBox, and the advantages of this system make it the logical choice for budget and performance


Download this one-page PDF for more information. 

Now that you know WHAT the SpaceBox is, let’s see WHY SpaceBox is the right choice for your next overhead LED spacelight needs.  Click HERE .


What is SpaceBox?

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So, why is The King so happy?

Because the SpaceBox is The King of LED Spacelights and he just rented a bunch of them under budget!  

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