So, Why Use SpaceBox?

 The short answer is the SpaceBox™ is easy to use, easy to control and the best part... it's inexpensive.  


One of the hardest things for an image maker to accomplish has always been filling up a room with even, photo-quality, ambient light.  


Environments that were once considered unsafe, too cumbersome or even impossible to achieve this goal with traditional 2K or 6K spacelights in the past are now getting a second look because of how the SpaceBox works.  


It’s Simple and Safe – The user friendly, intuitive operation makes it simple and safe for all levels of production crews to use.  Easy multi-option rigging, quick manipulation, no heat and low power draw make SpaceBox the most efficient LED spacelight available. 


How Efficient?  Very. – The SpaceBox is driven by specially designed Quasar Science brand T8 LED tubes which means no heat and no more burned fabric skirts.  It also means that you can rely on consistent color quality, reliable dimming and solid flicker free operation all at less than 2 amps per fixture at 120 VAC. 


Economical and a Safe InvestmentIf you're a producer or gaffer, here’s perhaps the best part: Buy or Rent, the SpaceBox LED spacelight is the least expensive system in its class making it easy on the budget


Plus, don’t worry about SpaceBox becoming obsolete like so many of its panel-based counterparts that seem to update every year.  The SpaceBox is fully "Upgradeable!"  As the Quasar Science tubes get better over time, you have the option of changing out the tubes to stay current, all for much less than you might imagine.  


Plus, the LED tubes are backed by Quasar's "Anytime Warranty."  If there's a problem with workmanship, even years after your purchase, the tube will be replaced by the manufacturer. 

"Anywhere a traditional 2K spacelight would normally be used, the SpaceBox makes for a more efficient solution."


The SpaceBox LED spacelight is ideal for:


  • Traditional 2K or 6K spacelight applications.

  • Green screen stages.

  • White Cyc backgrounds.

  • Perfect for Virtual Reality (VR) stages and productions.

"Studio Spacelights are a critical component for omnidirectional VR / AR image capture.  The SpaceBox is the most efficient and economical way to get the most out of your Virtual Reality studio."

Today's fast moving production industry requires flexibility.  The SpaceBox is expressly designed to be a basic system that lends itself to your choice of upgradeable hardware & LED tubes and doesn't force you into proprietary software technology.


SpaceBox studio can connect the AND you decide when to upgrade LED Quasar tubes, if ever, youInstead, spacelight to a host of controllers, existing dimmer packs and wireless DMX systems currently on the market.  That's a safe investment!  

Some Great SpaceBox demos...

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A Brief History on Studio Spacelights…

The advent of the "studio spacelight" was the beginning of what's known today as standard "overhead studio lighting."  It was perfect for lighting up a background and simultaneously illuminating that same surrounding area with a smooth and seamless field of light.  


For decades, this was accomplished by use of tungsten lamp based spacelights.  The most common variety was and still is the "2K" or 2,000 Watt and the "6K" or 6,000 Watt spacelight, among other wattages and various overhead devices.  Color corrected fluorescent systems became very popular in the early 1990's on through to recent times as a more efficient alternative to the tungsten counterpart.  


Now, the studio lighting industry is in the midst of revolutionary change in lighting technology.  And while the principles and techniques of lighting still remain largely the same, this new LED technology will be the new standard for decades to come.  The SpaceBox LED      spacelight allows you to position your small to medium sized production stage with this required technology to be ready for today’s production demands, for a lower price than you think.  Fully upgradeable and DMX controllable for off/on and dimming levels, the SpaceBox is your best value for overhead studio lighting. 

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So, why is The King so happy?

Because the SpaceBox is The King of LED Spacelights and he just rented a bunch of them under budget!  

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